Introduction.To What Degree Doparental Socioeconomic Status,

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Introduction To what degree do parental socioeconomic status, parental marital status, and parental education levels affect the levels of aspiration, future goals and success in middle school students? During the middle school years there are many factors that come into play in the success of students. The change in structure from elementary school, where typically only one or two teachers deal with the student throughout the entire year, to multiple teachers in one day, in addition to the increasing difficulty of the curriculum, educational disruptions occur. Examples of adjustments that can hinder educational progress include increased class sizes, resulting in less personal teacher assistance, and an…show more content…
It can also lead to children taking on adult roles and responsibilities earlier in life thus leading to interruption of education. Middle schoolers with divorced parents may also realize that due to less financial stability and resources long term education such as college may no longer be a viable option and many choose to join the workforce earlier in life either by choice or out of need to support the family, further disrupting educational progression. According to the American Psychological Association “research indicates that children from low-SES households and communities develop academic skills more slowly compared to children from higher SES groups (Morgan, Farkas, Hillemeier, & Maczuga, 2009).” Typically schools in low socioeconomic areas are under funded leading to higher dropout rates. Low SES families may be unable to afford the needed items such as a computer or tutor for their middle schooler as they progress. Children from lower SES are twice as likely to develop learning related behavior problems, enter high school 3.3 grade levels below their higher SES peers and have the highest dropout rate (16.7 percent) as compared to higher income families (3.2 percent) (National Center for Educational Statistics). According to Mayo and Siraj (2015) “In families with children succeeding above prediction, verbal communications played

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