Introduction To reach a more sustainable world, everyone's cooperation and participation are

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To reach a more sustainable world, everyone's cooperation and participation are essential. Therefore, the equal rights to everyone is prominent, particularly the equal rights gained from our daily surroundings and natural environment which, in together, is the so-called environment. In order to achieve the equality, the concept of environmental justice was developed, that is originally from the unequal distribution of toxic pollutants in an African-American community. As an ongoing framing process, environmental justice has been expanding into more issues and aspects, also horizontally and vertically. It also moves from a rather anthropocentric view to more emphasisation on natural environment and the relationship between
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A horizontal diffusion can be seen from the wide application within no fewer than 37 countries, and along with vertical extension of an environmental justice frame beyond borders, and into relations between countries and truly global issues, such as food security, indigenous rights, and anti-neoliberalism (Schlosberg, 2013).
Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Environmental justice discourse has crossed two other spatial barriers. First, it links the individual and community, the movements not simply address injustice at individual level anymore, but also the functioning of community (Agyeman, 2005). For instance, after Hurricane Kartrina, apart from the poor African American who was severely and disproportionately impacted, like transportation, employment of the community, and even the city itself were all impacted (Agyeman, 2005). Additionally, the approach applied to both human and non-human can make a connection between conceptions of social justice and environmental concerns (Schlosberg, 2013). Environmental justice is a crucial tool for addressing the relationship between environment and human needs. The focus on the needs of natural systems entail us recognize the link between environmental conditions and the basic needs of both human beings and the non-human (Kaswan, 2011). Which in turn entail recognition of the value of the processes and provisions of natural systems (Kaswan, 2011).

In terms of the sustainability, environmental justice resists the
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