Introduction : Type 1 Diabetes

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INTRODUCTION: TYPE 1 DIABETES & DKA J.D. is a 16-year-old female with a medical history of Type 1 Diabetes. She presents to the Emergency Department, complaining of vomiting, excessive thirst, confusion and shortness of breath. Her mother states J.D. had been throwing up all night and was confused this morning, so her mother took her blood sugar and it was 380 mg/dL. At that point, her mother immediately brought her to the Emergency Department. At the ED, her blood sugar was taken again and it was 492mg/dL, her urine was checked and was positive for ketones, and her breath had a fruity scent. Arterial blood gases were drawn and showed metabolic acidosis. At this point the Emergency Room MD diagnosed her with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. J.D.…show more content…
Adolescence is a time of increased independence, questioning authority, and continuously redefining one’s identify. Thus, it is no surprise that this can also be the scariest time in terms of managing one’s diabetes and glucose control. The primary concern and necessary intervention for this patient is immediate care for DKA, blood glucose control and appropriate psychosocial interventions and education with the family. CASE STUDY DEMOGRAPHICS J.D. is a 16-year-old female who lives in La Jolla in San Diego with her parents. She is the only child of her two parents who emigrated from Russia before she was born. They are an upper middle class family and are able to afford healthcare and education related costs for their child. J.D. is a junior at a public high school in La Jolla. She had to make up credits in summer school because she missed a significant portion of her sophomore year related to absences due to complications from her diabetes, including another hospitalization related to DKA. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF TYPE 1 DIABETES AND DKA Type 1 Diabetes typically presents initially in children under the age of 12. McCance and Huether (2010) explain that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, where the beta cells found in the islets of
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