Introduction. Unions Have Played A Big Role In Protecting

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Introduction Unions have played a big role in protecting employees, but we have come a long way from the lessons we have learned of the past situations. In the 19th century the US became a new world for immigrants to produce a new life, working conditions required hard work, fighting, long hours for little pay, but most importantly, the unsafe conditions and manual labor that was bestowed upon these workers. This created labors to start a union, but there have been some major issues that ended badly such as the Haymarket riot, the homestead strike, and the Pullman strike, but it took these problems to form a better working conditions for the labor’s. We have learned from the past that employers try to get away with such acts, that laws…show more content…
This riot was planned to be a peaceful riot for a strike on an 8-hour day, ended up turning into a battle between protesters and the police. Before the Haymarket Riot, there were unions formed such as the Knights of Labor and other unions, which this riot ended up hurting them after. When these unions formed, they were relatively radical since they included women, blacks, immigrants and unskilled workers and for that they wanted workers to have more control over the factories where they worked. Employers did not like this and did not want the employees to have any control over the factories so this caused factories to close and people lost their jobs. But when the strike began it was to be a peaceful strike that ended up a battle between the police and strikers and loss of life. Homestead Strike The Homestead strike was considered among one of the most violent labor disputes in history as the union wanted contracts and Management locked out workers from their jobs, which owners wanted to open up jobs to non-union workers. The Homestead Strike, however, was organized and purposeful, a harbinger of the type of strike that would mark the modern age of labor relations in the United States (Boundless, 2017). Owners were out to make profit so they ended up closing factories and hired workers that were nonunion. You still see this today or if unions strike, the company will bring in non-union members to work, until a deal is made, but what we learned in the past is hopefully

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