Introduction. Water Is A One Of The Most Useful Substances

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Introduction Water is a one of the most useful substances found on Earth. In fact, the bonds between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom turned out to be an essential component in shaping our world. This amazing material is crucial to the survival of many living things, including plants. Plants are autotrophs, meaning they make their own food using energy within their environment. In order to make food, plants need carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water (Starr, Taggart, Evers, & Starr, 2016). This means that water is essential photosynthesis, the process by which plants make their food, making water an instrumental part of plant growth. Therefore, if plant growth is related to the type of water used, then plants growing with different…show more content…
Included below are graph showing theses results as well as the average bean plant growth over the six week growing period. Discussion While examining our data, we saw that flavored water seemed to yield the most successful growth rates. This can be attributed to nutrients that are added to flavored water. These nutrients can be helpful if they are natural, but some artificial sweeteners can attract harmful bacteria or other pests (CSW Tutorials). Since the flavored water plants grew best when flavored water was used, we can assume that our flavored water was good for the plants. Plants using tap water also seemed to grow well within our group, but my plants watered with tap water did not grow at all. I believe this is because of the quality of my tap water. I live in a rural area where we get our tap water through wells. Well water is often hard, meaning there is metallic ions dissolved in the water. These ions can be detrimental to plant growth and can cause endothermic reactions within the plant (Coogler). I was expecting the carbonated water to have a similar effect to the flavored water. However, this was not the case according to our data. As I was caring for my plants, I even noticed that the carbonated water plants’ soil seemed to dry out faster than most of the other plants’ soil. However, it seems that carbonated water is helpful for plants because it provides lots of essential
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