Introduction. Within This Paper, I Want To Take You On

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Introduction Within this paper, I want to take you on a journey of what the students, but most importantly myself, learned throughout this field experience. I will discuss the actual organization of Oasis, my experience being a student teacher, and what’s to come from me from this involvement. I will further write about how the transition from my first day of volunteering to the last day has affected me in a positive way to which it brings joy upon my face when I speak about it to others. By having a wide range of students with different personalities, but incredible intellectual abilities this program has provided me great insight into what’s to come when I begin to teach. Further, the overall experience from this program has taught me…show more content…
In the second grade, all of the students were Hispanic and ranged from the ages of seven to eight. The two students that I worked with were, in my opinion, very smart when it came to doing their assignments. Considering that English is their second language, both students spoke well and were well-mannered. As far as their learning stages, their ways of speaking and doing their assignments showcased that they were at the age of a second grader. Not saying that they were anywhere near of falling behind, but with how they wrote and spoke it was evident and clear to me that they were in the second grade. Lastly, the characteristics from the students were shown often with the students being very active in their studies but also with their peers. Both of my students were socially competent and enjoyed doing challenging skills. For example, one of my students loved to practice their money skills and count coins whereas my other student liked to practice the maps of countries and states. Little things like this have taught me that you don’t always have to be over-the-top and extravagant with assignments for the students. Simply putting the alphabet, vocabulary words, maps, times table and money on the wall will trigger and push them to want to learn more about it. I know from experience when I was in the second grade, my teacher was from India and he had word walls that contained multiple ways to say “Hello” in other languages. This intrigued me to want to
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