Introduction. Within Today’S Society, Sexual Abuse Scandals

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Introduction Within today’s society, sexual abuse scandals within sports are unfortunately becoming more and more common. They plague almost every sport but are more prominent sports like swimming, gymnastics, and more individualized sports. One of the most disturbing sexual abuse scandals is the USA swimming scandal that has resulted in over one hundred coaches being banned from the sport and numerous female swimmers living with unthinkable memories. People of the clubs or gyms where these athletes practice believe they know their staff, the athletes would speak up, and they would see signs if something is going on. However, they cannot imagine the extent of these horrendous experiences these young girls go through.
The case of
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This infuriated the coach and the situation took a turn for the worst.
After Strzempko told him education came first, the coach said, “Not this again” and slapped her in the face. He then ordered her to go into a storage room adjoining his office where he anally and vaginally raped her. She explains she was unable to scream or cry because her brain could not comprehend what was happening. After he was finished, he left her lying on the cement floor, face up, bleeding from two orifices. She got up, walked out to the lobby where her mom, Monica Strzempko, was waiting. When Monica seen her subdued daughter, she asked why she was not more excited after receiving great news about her possibility of going to the Olympics. Anna said she was happy, just shocked. The drive home was silent. When they arrived, Anna went to her bathroom and vomited. When she was unable to sleep at night, she iced her bruises that were hidden by her swimsuit that she received as he punched her during the rape.
The rapes would continue for the next two and a half years where she would be raped in the storage room above the YMCA pool. The coach had no intention of this turning into a “relationship”. Anna was treated the same way in practices by not receiving any special treatment. On occasions, he would assault her by emphasizing to her that no one would believe her if she told anyone. Just like other rape victims, Anna never told anyone but tried to escape swimming by

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