Introduction and Need of Psycopharmacology

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INTRODUCTION AND NEED OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY INTRODUCTION: • Psychopharmacology is the study of medications that alters the mind, emotive and psychological states and to study, prescription and appropriate use of drugs for psychiatric and neuropsychiatric conditions • Psychopharmacology also studies substances with psychoactive properties and its primary focus is on the chemical interactions of these agents with various parts of CNS. • These agents interact with receptors found in the central nervous system to bring about alterations in physiological or psychological functions. • Psychopharmacology encompasses following classes of Medications:  Antipsychotic  Antianxiety  Antidepressant  Hypnotics  Hallucinogens  Opiates  Stimulants  Alcohol  Cannabinoids. As a general medication category, psychopharmacological agent especially antidepressants and antipsychotics are among the most widely prescribed drug of our generation. The prevalence of use of psychotropic medication has created an awareness among the healthcare professionals to better understand the basics of psychopharmacology. Brief overview on different psychopharmacologic agents are described below Antipsychotic drugs: • These agents antagonize dopamine D2 receptors. • Antipsychotic recuperate symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations . • The first drug of this class was reserpine. Due to emergence serious side effects such as depression, reserpine has been succeeded by phenothiazine. First

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