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Nowadays, technology is considered as one reason why other countries are in the highest class. Through technology people gained knowledge by discovering different things that may help for the improvement of the country. Technology is far getting farther. Technology, which began from a simple device, now becomes a high speed and multi – tasking one. This is the only way in which they cope with their various demands of their customers, clients and furthermore they do not have to waste their time in doing their business works. Universities and colleges, secondary and elementary schools play a vital role in shaping student’s mental, emotional and social aspect. Quezon-Roxas High School is one of the institutions in Marinduque
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Handling o the adding, changing, dropping of subjects and solving enrolment related problems. (Management Information System Office, 2006)

Based on the MMS (2008) the automated student info-system can handle all the school and/or district needs such as maintaining grades, producing report cards, automatically registers all students from the first day of school and producing a standardized, computerized and customized register reports. This is done to lessen the time and efforts rendered by the faculties in creating, managing and keeping all students’ records. With these, it suggest to have an automated student info-system which will give lots of benefits and problems will then be minimized and lessen compared with the continuous use of the manual system. Tide Water Community College stated that SIS allows you to access your personal student information, access real-time schedule information, enroll and drop classes, pay for classes using a Visa or Mastercard, obtain your final grades, request transcripts, reviewing advising transcripts to see what courses are needed to complete degree programs, check, financial aid award and more on online. Student IS has a big role in every educational institution. According to IES, a well designed automated student record system will reach more than teachers and administrators. It also benefits the students and others by providing information on the functioning and
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