Introduction for a Successful Company Essay

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OL-215: 3-2 Final Project One Milestone Two

Profile of a Successful Company:
Southwest Airlines
Eileen Bertera
Southern New Hampshire University

Executive Summary
Upon review on a profile of a successful company we see Southwest Airlines as a prime example. Their ability to recognize weakness in their management system and adjust strategies has allowed them to emerge as a leader in the US airline industry. Southwest is the largest US low fare carrier with low fare rates, no additional fees and excellent customer service. Southwest Airlines currently has one of the most innovative management practices in the US to date. A review of the critical elements of Southwest Airlines proves to be effective and innovative.
Mission and
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Organizational Culture
Southwest Airlines incorporates a team orientated culture by cross training its employees so they are capable of helping each other if necessary. The company place a strong emphasis on training work teams and cultivating employee citizenship behavior. Employees participate in twice daily meetings where they can discuss any issues and determine a course of action. Job applicants who are not viewed as team players are not hired. This team oriented organizational culture offers more positive relationships with managers and coworkers thus providing a quality workplace.
Management Decision Making Process
Southwest Airlines encourages respect, innovation, a caring attitude and strives to adhere to all labor and employment laws which includes respecting privacy and equal opportunity. With a strong concern for avoiding corruption and avoiding anti-competitive behavior, they work hard to maintain accountability of all business practices. An example of this is the promotion of competition to provide consumers low air fares and a variety of high quality air service offerings across the US. This shows their devotion to the community they serve and maintains the company culture.
How Management Adheres to the Principles if Ethics
Southwest Airlines managers live the vision of the company by incorporating the vision into their everyday lives. Community, environment and caring are the
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