Introduction of Classification Societies and IACS

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Introduction of classification societies and IACS Classification societies refer to organizations that are concerned with development and application of technical standards within designs, assessment, and construction of ships and other marine facilities. There are various and different marine facilities used globally. Some facilities are concerned with transport and communication. Others are for security purposes together with leisure facilities for use inside and on the surface of the seas. Classification societies ideally deal with monitoring marine facilities on what they carry together with their missions and visions within their operations. Flag states issue assurance to classification societies on how they can manage to live within the prospects of inspecting and maintaining the operation of marine facilities like ships. There are many organizations globally that deal with definition and provision of marine facilities. For instance, there are about fifty such organizations globally. Nonetheless, only the European Union recognizes a small number of twelve. Classification societies are non-governmental organizations that are concerned with the establishment and maintenance of technical activities covering operation of ships and other offshore infrastructure and features. The classification society deals with setting of standards and mechanisms of operation and establishment of ships and other offshore features globally. Many human activities take place within

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