Introduction of Computers

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Introduction of Computers What is Computer. Computer is an electronic machine, which accepts instructions, commands and information, based on the information process the given information at Ultra High Speed and produce the result on the screen and printer. Qualities of Computer. Possess the following:- a. Ultra High Speed b. Accuracy c. Huge Capacity for Storage d. Decision Making Ability Main Parts of Computers. Following are the main parts of Computers:- a. CPU (Central Processing Unit). b. Monitor / Screen. c. Key Board. d. Printer. (1) CPU. It is the brain of Computer. It is the main part of the Computer, which consists of following parts:-…show more content…
There is very little difference between a laptop and a notebook computer. Notebooks, tend to be smallest, lighter and as a result, a bit more expensive so the terms are often used interchangeably. Either way, portable computers typically are more expensive than desktop PCs with equivalent features. Hand held or palmtop computers are gaining popularity. Although they become more sophisticated with each new model, palmtops generally have limited features and capabilities compared to their full-sized counterparts. They are very handy, however for quick tasks when you are on the road and many include the capability to synchronize and communicate with your primary computer. Switches, Buttons and Lights on the Case. Regardless of the style, nearly all computers have several features in common. Odds are very good that you will find one of the following on the front panel of your PC: a. Power switch. It can be located on the front side or back of the computer. b. Lock. It lets you physically lock the system for additional security. When the computer is locked, you can turn the power on, but nothing works. c. Reset button. If your system halts or crashes, it reboots the system which is known as a warm boot. d. Hard drive light. Indicates the activity on the hard drive e.g. reading from or writing to
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