Introduction of Toyota Motor Corporation

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Introduction The Toyota Motor Corporation is a leading global enterprise, generating the eleventh largest revenues in the globe, and representing the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world, after General Motors and the German group Volkswagen (Crown Motors). Toyota is nowadays a leading retailer throughout the world, especially within the United States, and this leading position has been attained due to the company's increased ability to understand the needs of the market and adapt to them. Throughout this project then, the emphasis would be placed on the identification of the various opportunities and threats, as these emerge from the external environment and impact Toyota. These threats and opportunities would be presented, as well as assessed based on the company's ability to respond to them. The initial hypothesis is that the company is sufficiently skilled and capable to adequately address these threats and opportunities.

2. Opportunities for Toyota A first and foremost relevant example of the external opportunities with which Toyota is presented includes the very reason which made the company become a leading retailer in the United States, dethroning Ford. This namely refers to a series of changes within the society, which drove the consumers to seek more fuel efficient engines; for instance, the fluctuating price of oil, the increasing costs with automobile maintenance or the growing concerns for pollution and greenhouse gases.…

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