Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation

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This term paper is about Al Udeid Air Installation and Security Program. The information that will be covered in the document consists of; Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation, Force Protection Conditions and Determining Assets Protection Levels, Al Udeid Installation Security Concept and Regional Threats, Installation Security Forces and the Conclusion. After reading this term paper the reader will have a better understanding about military operating procedures and protecting military assets form terrorist incidents.

Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation

Al Udeid Air Base is a Military Installation located in the country of Qatar, and is considered geographically the heart of the Middle East. Al Udeid
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For instance, a State Side or (CONUS) installation would not normally be required to develop an Asset Protection appendix for hostile air or major ground attack. However an over-seas or (OCONOS) base where the threat posed in a Host Nation is greater, that base must evaluate and implement Asset Protection Levels. Determining Asset protection levels provide the basis for programming security manpower and equipment. All military assets are designated with one of the four assigned protection levels. For example, certain systems, such as nuclear weapons and presidential support aircraft is always Protection Level 1(PL1) at the direction of authorities above the Air Force, conversely, the less important the resource the lower designation. Protection levels can change during periods of increased tension. For Example, as systems reach a heightened state of readiness like non-alert aircraft being placed on alert, their relative political and military importance increases and they may assume a higher protection level.

Protection Level 1 Resources
• Assign PL1 to military installation resources for which the loss, theft, destruction, misuse of compromise would result in grate harm to the strategic capability of the United States. PL1 resources consist of Nuclear Weapons, Weapon Delivery Systems, Communications, Arial Space Aircraft, or systems that insure the ability to successfully execute contingency plans. This level of security

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