Introduction to BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

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BioCryst Pharmaceuticals: India Expansion Introduction BioCryst Pharmaceuticals focuses on state of the art drugs to fight cancer, autoimmune diseases, and viral infections. The company is based in Durham, North Carolina. It's best selling line is Peramivir, a drug that is used to treat a drug resistant form of Influenza A subtype H1N1Virus. US sales are strong, but the company now wishes to enter into the global market. Those with an eye on the global marketplace already know that India's most recent entrance into the global economy represents the next golden opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry. This analysis will explore the potential for market entry into India, Mode of Entry Type of Business BioCryst began in 1986 and by 2008 was pronounced as one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the US (Debutts 2008). BioCryst does not produce the vast number of drugs and hold as many patents as many of the giants in the US pharmaceutical industry, but its products are highly specialized and in high demand (Mani 2006).This is the key advantage that BioCryst has in the US market, and would also form the central strategy in an Indian expansion project. BioCryst's primary drug line is Permavir Outpatient Flu, which is currently the only drug approved for use in the US. However, BioCryst currently has several other drugs in various stages of development that are expected to be approved for use in the US in time (BioCryst 2012). These are: Permavir

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