Introduction to Business Communications Essay

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Introduction to Business Communications Report: 2/21/2013 Paragraph 1: Your Vision for the Company What does it means to be a ‘’good ‘’Communicator? A good communicator is an individual that can listen, organized, clarity, a being sincere. Understanding their communication style, because understanding your communication style is the key to being a great communicator whether it is being aggressive, passive, or passive aggressive. After knowing your communicating style you must be able to use your communicating skills in order to perform your job and make your company a success. And being a good communicator is being able to have the ability to be a great listener, and having the ability to comprehend written and spoken language, also…show more content…
What actions / results do I desire? I would provide some mentoring to help my employees cope with any issues they are having, also provide counseling for those employees and employers that need help with certain problems such as drugs addiction, alcohol abuse, mental issues, etc. and providing coaching for my employees so they improve their work skills, also training, and providing education so my employees will be updated on their skills. Paragraph 2: new programs, policies, and incentives How would you present your vision and persuade employers and employees to accept the new direction of the company? I would presented my vision through In- writing , such as writing letters on company letter head, memos, meeting , video conferences. I will persuade my employers and employees to accept the directions of the company by presenting them with up-to date information on the company by having monthly company’s presentation, through training videos, monthly meetings, monthly memos, email, instant messages, and text messages. What specific changes I would
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