Introduction to Business: Walmart

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Unethical Business

Ethics is defined as beliefs about what is right and wrong or good and bad in actions that affect others.( Therefore, unethical behaviour is behaviour that is believed to be bad or wrong actions or decisions. Other definition about ethics is ‘the activity of examining the moral standards of a society, and asking how these standards apply to one’s life and whether these standards are reasonable’ (Velasquez, 1998; pg 11). Ethics are based on personal or social beliefs. Furthermore, these beliefs are our moral standards, and moral standards differ among individuals. Thus, no one can say with certainty that a particular action is right or wrong and good or bad.

Business ethics refers to ethical or
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However, in the company’s management, women have been discriminated.

Dr. Richard Drogin (a professor at California State University-Hayward) did a research on the salary of female workers at Wal-Mart. The results are as follows:

|Types of Jobs |Female Workers |
|Hourly workers |Earns 37 cents less than male |
|Full-time employees |Works at least 45 weeks , earns nearly $5000 less than male |
|Managers |Only 33 percent are managers out of the 72 percent (female) |
| |workforce in Wal-Mart |
|Cashiers |92 percent |
|Store managers |14 percent |

In one of the cases regarding discrimination towards female staff, an assistant manager, Stephanie Odle who has been working for more than five years, found out that another male staff was
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