Introduction to Computers - Key Terms

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Computers - Key Terms (pages 1-15) Barcode - (p. 7, 294) used to index documents scanned within a document management systems. Bit - (p. 294) the level of voltage (low or high) in a computer that provides the binary states of 0 and 1 that computers use to represent characters. Bluetooth port - (p. 294) technology that uses radio waves to provide hands-free cellular phone communications. Blu-Ray disc - (p. 294) storage device, similar to CDs and DVDs, but are able to store even larger amounts of data. Bus network - (p. 294) computers networked together that are lined up on a single cable. Byte - (p. 294) eight bits treated as a single unit by a computer to represent a character. Cache memory - (p. 294)…show more content…
301) uses tiny nozzles to spray the ink onto the paper. Interface - (p. 301) the zone between different computer systems across which users want to pass information. Internet - (p. 301) an international network of computer servers that provides individual users with communications channels and access to software and information repositories worldwide. Internet service provider (ISP) - (p. 301) a company that provides connections to the Internet. Intranet - (p. 301) a private information network that is similar to the Internet and whose servers are located inside a firewall or security barrier so that the general public cannot gain access to information housed within the network. Java - (p. 301) a popular programming language that is used on the Internet. Keyboard - (p. 301) a major input device found on most microcomputers and laptop devices. Laptop computer - (p. 301) a wireless computer that can be easily transported from one location to another. Laser printer - (p. 301) uses energy from a fast, flashing laser light source to create the images on a special drum; from static electricity, the ink powders are transferred to the sheet of paper. Light pen - (p. 301) an input device used like a pencil. It emits an electronic signal to the screen in the exact spot where entry is needed. Light pens do not work on all types of computer screens. Local area network (LAN) - (p. 301) a network that connects multiple computer devices via continuous cable within a
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