Introduction to Computers

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Peter Norton’s Introduction to Computers, 6e End of Chapter Solutions

Chapter 3

Chapter 3; Lesson A Solutions Key Term Quiz
1. In computer use, the skill of typing is often referred to as _________________. 2. IBM-compatible PCs have 10 or 12 _________________ keys. 3. In many programs, an on-screen symbol called a(n) __________________ or a(n) _________________ shows you where you are in a document. 4. A(n) _________________ is a temporary storage area that holds data until the CPU is ready for it. 5. In addition to pointing, the four primary mouse techniques are __________________, __________________, __________________, and ___________________. 6. You use a mouse (or one of its variants) to position a(n) _________________ on
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8. A(n) ____________________ is a popular and inexpensive type of PC video camera. 9. Using a(n) _________________, you can connect video devices such as a VCR or camcorder to your PC. 10. A(n) _________________ stores still images on a special memory card, rather than on film.

Multiple Choice
1. With a pen-based system, you can use the pen as a(n) ________, to select commands. A. keyboard B. pointing device C. antenna D. microphone


Peter Norton’s Introduction to Computers, 6e End of Chapter Solutions 2. Pen-based computers are commonly used for this type of work. A. writing lots of text B. taking pictures C. data collection D. recording sounds

Chapter 3

3. ___________ are well-suited for use as input devices at automated teller machines or public information kiosks. A. touch screens B. pens C. microphones D. monitors 4. A game controller can be considered an input device because a computer game is one of these. A. a joystick B. a part of a computer C. a fun pastime D. a program 5. Game pads usually have two sets of these, one for each hand. A. controls B. joysticks C. games D. microphones 6. This type of technology lets computers use light as a source of input. A. optative B. optical C. optimal D. optional 7. A(n) __________ is used to identify a product and provide information about it, such as its price. A. price check B. bar code C. numeric digit D. light-sensitive detector 8. Which type of software can
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