Introduction to Contemporary American Social Media

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SOCIAL MEDIA ISSUES Introduction to Contemporary American Social Media As digital media improved and became increasingly available to ordinary people, various forms of social media became incorporated into everyday communications. Digital texting has become one of the most common preferred social media because they permit multitasking more than traditional telephone calls, notwithstanding the convenience of modern cell phones. For better and worse, texting is now routinely used among and between coworkers, because it provides real-time, 'round the clock availability. It is used extensively for social planning and coordination and a higher level of privacy control for confidential topics than is possible in any verbal telephonic communication in public (Adams, 2011). Facebook is one of the most popular social media portals and probably contributed to the increased Internet presence of the oldest Baby Boomers more than any other form of social media. Because Facebook accounts usually identify the user, the medium promotes the reconnection of former acquaintances. Furthermore, Facebook supports multimedia and different levels of private and public forms of communication. It has proven ideal for families and friends to maintain closer long-distance relationships and has been invaluable among deployed members of the armed forces as well for the same reasons. Twitter is also extremely popular; it provides a vehicle for very short messages or "tweets" that can be
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