Introduction to Conveyancing

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Assignment 1:
You work for Tract & Co, Licensed Conveyancers of High Street, Northtown,Cornwall. You have an appointment with a new client, Miss Helen Troy. At yourmeeting, she tells you that she would like to purchase Lilac Cottage on the edge ofthe picturesque village of Trepolpen. The price will be £125,000.
1. Briefly outline the matters which you will discuss with your client at this time. (15marks)
2. Outline, with a brief description, the searches you would be likely to make at thisstage, bearing in mind the location of the property. You should assume that thecottage has an unregistered title. (10 marks)
The Seller’s conveyancers, Greensward & Co. of the Parade, Northtown, contact youconfirming the sale price.
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You may assume that the Sellerhad an existing mortgage and that your client has purchased with the aid of his ownmortgage. (7 marks)
4. Describe the contents/format of a registered title. (8 marks)
5. What time limits are involved with:
(a) Paying Stamp Duty Land Tax(b) Applying for first registration of title(c) An OS1 application priority(d) Land Charges Search priority
What would be the effects of missing these limits in each case? (8 marks)
6. What searches and enquiries would you make between exchange and completionin a registered title, where the Buyer is purchasing with the aid of a mortgage? (3marks)
7. Briefly outline and describe both methods by which completion may be achieved. (4marks)
Assignment 3: 50 marks
Top of pageAssignment 4:
You are a trainee with Street & Co., Licensed Conveyancers, who are acting forRaymond White in his purchase of Flat B, a prestigious and expensive luxury flat in afairly new block of flats in Jubilee Way, Chelmsford for £252,500. The information thatyou have to date is that the flat is registered at the Land Registry with leasehold titleabsolute with approximately 996 years left to run.
1. List some of the provisions you would commonly expect to find in a domestic lease.(10 marks)
2. What documents would you expect to receive from the Seller’s conveyancers toprove title to a leasehold property? (4 marks)
3. The title shows the seller has a mortgage in favour of Essex Building Society.
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