Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Care Settings

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ASSIGNMENT 204 Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children 's and young people 's settings

Task A

Dear friend
I have heard that you would like to work as a care worker and need to know more about “duty of care”. I wish to help and want to try clarify the term to you as much as I can.
“Duty of care” is a phrase used to describe the obligation in your role as a care worker. You owe duty of care to your patients/service users, your colleagues, your employer, yourself and the public interest. It applies to everyone, even if not directly involved with the person and ensures the safeguarding of you and others whom you support. As a care workers we must always put the interest of our patients first. We have to do
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I would speak to him about it and try to know more about his new friend. I would also explain to Leon the risks from giving his belongings to people he knows very little about and try to persuade him to meet with his friend and get the console back. If Leon didn 't know where to find his friend I would assume that the console was stolen and inform the police.
I will need to document it all and inform my managers.


I could get the advice and support from: police, team leader, my manager, council.

Task C


Legal requirements for dealing with complaints are that all service providers must have a system for complaints. There must be clear information about how and to whom a complaint should be made and time scales for it to be dealt with.

In the event of complaint or concern with care offered by Residential Care Home I work in, the complaint or concern should be discussed with the Manager who is available by appointment at the Home or telephone. Alternatively residents and their representatives can discuss the situation with senior staff on duty that will do their utmost to rectify the situation.
The Manager will respond to the complaint in writing within 28 days. Accurate records of all complaints will be made and in case of serious matters the inspectors of the Registering Authority will be informed. If anyone feel that their complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily or they wish to contact the Home 's
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