Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 1) GiftZip, the company profiled in the opening feature for Chapter 1, makes money via: A) payments from companies that offer gift cards for displaying their cards on the site B) the direct sale of gift cards displayed on its site C) monthly subscription fees D) online advertising E) earning an affiliate fee for gift card purchases that originate from its site 2) Which of the following was not a contributing factor to GiftZip 's early success? A) It was becoming increasingly affordable to launch an online business. B) positive PR C) angel investor funding D) People were becoming increasingly comfortable buying online. E) The gift card market was growing. 3) According to the…show more content…
A) the ability to stick to a plan even when faced with evidence that changes are needed B) a willingness to work hard for an extended period of time C)
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