Introduction to Environmentalism

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At this point many in the industry operators around the world are being squeezed by the global economic crisis is a bit painful. This put pressure on operating costs involving wages, energy consumption and costs related to environmental management in the industry. As a result, many in the industry operators to take shortcuts to stop working as well as reduce the size of the production. There are also among the industry players seeking to reduce the environmental monitoring report for their premises in an effort to reduce the economic burden incurred. Some industry players spent nearly 20 to 30 percent of the total cost of operations on the aspects of environmental management. Environmental management costs involved in the industry…show more content…
It involves increasing the capacity of workers at all skill levels. With the skilled workers in the industrial maintenance costs of pollution control equipment can be reduced. It thus reduce environmental pollution through continuous monitoring of performance (performance monitoring) are carried out by environmental skilled workers. The fifth strategy, refers to the recycling of waste generated in industrial operations. This can be accomplished with the use of waste as raw material again, power generation, recovery (recovery) and also use it for purposes other products. For example, the rice industry waste can be used as feedstock for the production of compost. It can solve the problem of environmental pollution through open burning which is always practiced. Besides the installation of a wastewater recycling system used to help reduce water use in the food industry and cost of production. In the global context of many industries have come into practice the concept of Cleaner Production, and managed to reduce their operating costs. Among the industries that have successfully implemented this concept is the food industry, electronic industry and the pharmaceutical industry. For example, companies in Sandgate Castle Chemical Australia has successfully implemented the concept of cleaner production to energy conservation through the conversion process flow and waste recycling program to generate annual

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