Introduction to Ethical Theories Essay

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Ethics is the study of how people should live. people have different views and beliefs of how they're supposed to live their life. people from all over the world have different ethical beliefs and different ways to determine which beliefs are right and which are wrong. when you visit a different country, you notice things they are doing and those things might seem wrong to you and you would never consider doing what they have just done but in their society its normal and everyone does it. inside the margins of this paper I am going to analyze the top three models used to determine a morally significant being based on the criteria in your book. I will first define a moral agent and a morally significant being then take you through the…show more content…
Moral agents relate to morally significant beings because the moral agents choose who counts and who doesn’t as a morally significant being. All moral agents are morally significant beings because their desires are always taken into consideration before anyone else's. Not all morally significant beings are moral agents because not all morally significant beings can formulate an action and realize the action they have decided upon could have consequences like a moral agent can. Knowing the criteria for being considered a morally significant being is necessary when you already know the definition of a morally significant being because people from different societies have different views of who and what matter to their society. There are three different criteria options that help explain what a morally significant being could entail depending on persons ethical views as well as their societies view. The first paradigm used to declare a morally significant being is being born into the homo sapiens- sapiens species. The human being, can be considered the only morally significant being in some societies due to species membership. For example, if there were a fire and caught inside of a burning building was a mass murderer and a cow, the mass murderer would get rescued and the cow forgotten about. the murderer is a human being so his interests and desires are being valued and taken into consideration because he is a morally
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