Introduction to Forensic Psychology Unit 9 Final Project Essay

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SON WHO KILLS HIS PARENTS Son Who Kills His Parents CJ233 Introduction to Forensic Psychology Professor Araujo Aretha Franklin September 04, 2012 Abstract: Some mental health patients do not seek help for their issues, and the ones who do they don’t take their medicine to get better. There are cases where mental health patients have commit crimes and were sent to prison or to a mental facility for further help. The number of persons with mental illness in U.S. jails continues to grow. Currently the prevalence of active serious mental illness among inmates admitted to U.S. jails is about 7 percent, which means that nearly 700,000 persons with active symptoms of severe mental illness are admitted to jails annually.…show more content…
He also knew what he was doing at the time of death of his parents. Yes he may have a mental issue but he knew what he was doing and he didn’t feel any type of remorse for his parents. Test should be done on Edward to see if he is competent to stand trial that is what they do in cases like him. If Edward is found competent to stand trial he would probably get the death penalty or sent to prison for life. For reading Edward’s behavior I don’t think he would do so well in prison. If he is found incompetent he should be sent to a mental health facility to receive help for his problems. He shouldn’t be released because you never know if he could do this to anyone else like his sister or other family members. Edward should be placed a mental health facility for the rest of his life from reading his report he has a lot of issues that isn’t solved by medicine. I just think he needs someone to talk to about his problems and understand them. Which I think his parent’s didn’t understand him all they did was probably fought him forcing him to take his medicine. They probably ordered him around or they were never at home for him to talk to. Edward meets all the theories of sociological, biological, psychological, and social psychological. Sociological theory is crime results from social or cultural forces that are external to any specific individual, exist prior to any criminal act, and emerge from social class, political, ecological, or physical

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