Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

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1. Trends Analysis of Dubai’s Job Marketplace The job marketplace in Dubai is one unlike anywhere in the world. This is due to a number of reasons that generally stem from two factors, the readily available supply of cheap labour, and a rapidly developing economy (Dubai, 2009). Whilst most people might believe that Dubai’s economy is largely dependent on oil, many don’t realise that oil currently only comprises approximately 10% of the emirates economy. In the last fifteen years Dubai has made significant investments around the world and has funded a huge number of projects within the emirate it’s self, pushing towards creating Dubai the ultimate tourist destination (Current economy, 2009). Accompanied by the readily available cheap…show more content…
It provides people with a number of links to both general or industry specific websites, and would be an essential tool to use in finding hospitality or tourism jobs in the emirate. Locally, newspapers such as the ‘7 Days’, ‘Khaleej Times’ or ‘Gulf News’ may also be used to search for jobs. These companies do have websites but the classifieds are somewhat outdated and not nearly as comprehensive as they are in print. 3. Potential Jobs When looking for a hospitality and tourism job in Dubai, there is one important factor that one must consider. Whilst Dubai might seem to have a number of different hotels and attractions, most of these are owned and run by a select number of larger hotel and resort groups (Collins, 2007). Therefore, when looking for a job and more importantly a career path, one would be wise to investigate the particular group or chain rather than the specific hotel, restaurant or resort that they may be considering. The Jumeriah Hotel Group is one of the most recognized and well established groups in Dubai. They were recently awarded the Hewitt “Best Employers in the Middle East Award” in 2009, and it is primarily for these reasons that all five of the potential jobs (Appendix I-V) that were selected are within the Jumeriah Hotel Group. A high-quality working environment is critical in any career choice, as
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