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Contents Page i. Executive summary (pg.1) ii. Introduction (pg.1) iii. Report (pg.1-2) iv. Fraud (pg.2-3) v. Legislation (pg.3) vi. Recommendation (pg.4) vii. Bibliography (pg.5) Executive Summary In this report I will look into the benefits and risk of e-commerce, the types of legislation that have been introduced to protect the consumer and business alike. At the end of this report I plan to give my recommendation as whether I believe you should venture into e-business and set up your own online business. I will try and remain un-bias and give my opinion whilst give a fair account of the risks and benefits of e-business. Introduction For this report I…show more content…
In most cases when it can be proved that the customer was a victim of fraud they will receive their money back and they will not be liable to pay the money. Hence this makes the use of Paypal a very viable and attractive online payment system as well as offering a quality service they offer a quality after sale service to which will reassure customers and make them more willing to disclose private information over the internet as they will have the piece of mind knowing that all their transactions will be covered and that the utmost is being done to ensure that their sensitive information is being kept safe. Fig.1 (www. Legislation There also several government legislations that have been out in place to preserve the safety and integrity of both the consumers and e-business. Two of the most important being the data protection act of 1998 and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 The data protection act gives consumers rights and gives responsibilities to those that hold the information. The consumers have the right to view any information kept about them at any time as well as the right to withdraw this information. The holder of this information must by ensure that the information is: • processed fairly and lawfully • obtained for specified and lawful purposes • adequate, relevant and not excessive • accurate and, where necessary, kept
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