Introduction to Information Technology

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Introduction The environment of information technology is dynamic and fast changing which explains the changes in current educational systems which could be going in the directional of transformational than incremental. Some of researchers believe that it might be the end of an era for university campuses since they have been known currently to be identifying a change within the traditional paradigm of learning. Even though education is adopting the information technology faster as it is being considered to be of positive change than negative change, the changes towards this information technology could be of detrimental to the education. Due to this introduction of information technology in the education sector, there are many detrimental that can be realized with this, for example, Joo (1998) argues that teachers could be removed from classrooms. This is because lecturers are taken to be never anymore a major source of information towards students for materials that they were using at one time can now be gotten freely to any individual and hence devaluated. Attendance in classes tends to reduce because students just meet with tutors in any case there is rise of a problem and if there is a synchronous solution which is needed. Hutchison (1998) as well considers face to face lecturing little more as compared to filter for the process of learning, even though both students are capable of studying and learning the curriculum with textbooks which are recommended.
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