Introduction to Management and Leadership

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We shall begin this essay by first differentiating in brief between Managements and leaderships, which can be summarized as follows:Management: Management is the direction and controlling of a group of people through coordination and harmonization for the accomplishment of a goal or goals that are beyond individualized efforts. To achieve this act, managements encompass deployment and manipulation of human, finance, technology and natural resources. The act of management can also be effectively referred to the individual or group of individual who are involved with management work. Leadership: Leadership is the art of influencing individuals through the provision of purpose, direction and motivation for the purpose of improvement and…show more content…
Here we will consider the example of Wal-Mart and observe how the roles of management and leadership affect the normal operations of their business and the parts they play for achieving success as per the following details: (Leadership)Functions of Managers in Wal-MartDue to the general policy of Wal-Mart in not selecting managers directly as managers, the leaders and older employees have plans, ideas and thoughts that are helpful for its further growth. Therefore to become managers, employees have to devote and struggle for long periods of their lives so that they gain experience at different levels of the organization and this factor helps them in the process of correct decision making. Wal-Mart managers have the responsibility of making short term and time to time decisions which do not reflect the organizational view point yet play a vital role in the profitability ratios through the managing of the stores by the as the need may require, placement of shelves, products and with the experience and required levels of professionalism of dealing with co-employees and customers. Managers at Wal-Mart therefore also play leadership roles in their dealings with subordinates and co-ordinate by making them aware of new strategies, policies, offers and incentives with which they grew to further motivate them

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