Introduction to Network Implementation Essay

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Portfolio Assignment ITS 315: Introduction to Networks Mazen Alkhatib December 23, 2012 Network Implementation Over four months, a very short period of time, a small accounting firm grew from five employees to fifty. The existing network architecture could no longer support the exponential growth. Peer-to-Peer networks work very well in a small office environment. Once the ratio of employees exceeds around five employees resources, file storage and a plethora of other network disasters begin. The obvious solution was to recommend a change. As explained in the proposal the proposed upgrade from a peer-to-peer network architecture to client/server was an imminent necessity. Cable Recommendation The accounting firm…show more content…
Our intention is to do the aforementioned in a manner that will allow us to manage all of the files and resources from a central location by implementing a server to our current network architecture. Reasons to Change. In the past our peer-to-peer network architecture served us well by providing us with a way to share our files and resources in a manner that did not require much planning. Unfortunately, as a peer-to-peer network grows it becomes more difficult to maintain due to its lack of centralized control which makes it un-scalable. With the addition of fifty individual workstations, security access and file storage control remains in the hands of the user. For example, should someone decide to delete a company file, there would be no way of knowing. Once there are more than five or six workstations attached peer-to-peer networks begin to pose as a security threat that may cause loss of sensitive company data due to virus and spyware attacks. Fortunately advancements in technology have provided a viable solution for rapidly growing small businesses such as our own called servers. Our Viable Solution. Adding a server to our current network will allow our employees to manage, store, send and process data from a centralized location 24 hours a day. In
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