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Annual Report of the Oncology Care Program Course Project HIT 225 April 17, 2011 ? Introduction to Oncology Care Program Cancer is a group of diseases that affect nearly every tissue or organ in the human body, and is the second leading cause of death in the United States. In 2007, lung cancer was the leading cause of death among males and females in Marin County, California (Marin Health & Human Services, 2007). Located in Marin County, Sunshine Hospital is a 235-bed teaching facility with generating revenue of more than $700,000,000 during 2007. The Hospital employs 1,220 employees, of which 698 are multidisciplinary physicians. Sunshine Hospital has renowned regional cardiology and oncology programs, and specializes in lung…show more content…
L. 2007). The Sunshine Hospital Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) manages medical records of patients who have been treated for cancer. The CTR accurately abstract health information into a cancer registry to allow for uniform data collection, manage an effective cancer registry program at a local, state or national level, produce cancer related information to assist healthcare providers in patient care and research, and provide information for cancer prevention activities (AHIMA, 2011). The CTR also code neoplasm diagnostics utilizing ICD-9-CM codes (140-239), and has knowledge of American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) cancer staging guidelines. Table 1 references the 2007 cancer registry caseload by primary site. The cases were staged using AJCC staging system on all applicable cancers. Table 1: SUNSHINE HOSPITAL 2007 CANCER DATA STATISTICS - TOTAL CASES BY SITE TABLE Primary Site Cases Male Female Lung 77 67 10 Larynx 15 6 9 Colon 72 47 25 Stomach 16 8 8 Rectum 25 17 8 Uterus 27 0 27 Bladder 30 16 14 Prostate 23 23 0 Cervix 38 0 38 Breast 72 9 63 Others 195 98 97 Total 590 291 299 Chart 1 Cancer cases by site In Chart 1, Sunshine Hospital’s top ten cancer sites are listed with comparison to the American Cancer Society’s 2007 national cancer incidences. Sunshine Hospital’s top site is lung cancer with 77 total cases followed by
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