Introduction to Online Hotel Reservation System

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Chapter 1 Project Overview Background of the Study A hotel is an establishment that accommodates people. The hotel can also be a place where tourist can stay for a limited time. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technologically improvement and especially for business, shifting from manual process to automation and computerize (Fhatima A., 2012). The cost and quality of hotels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available. Due to the enormous increase in tourism worldwide during the last decades of the 20th century, standards, especially those of smaller establishments, have improved considerably. Hotels are independently assessed in traditional systems and these rely heavily on the facilities…show more content…
To the Customer- the system will be a big help to the customer because it is no time consuming because of the presence of the computers and it’s more convenient to use. To the Researchers- the system will help future researchers by getting broad knowledge on how hotels do the reservation process. To the Future Proponents – the system will be a big help to the future researchers because they easily understand how hotels operate and what the difference between automated system and manual system is. Scope and Delimitation The Online Hotel Reservation System is mainly focus on providing customers a satisfying and accurate reservation of rooms in YMCA Hotel. The system includes the registration mechanism of the customers before reserving a room/s in the hotel. The system enables the YMCA Hotel to track services and aims to provide accurate and reliable process on every transaction especially in a hotel reservation. This study will look into a better impact of using technology today on how it affects our daily lives especially for customers. With the study, it can help beneficiaries to know the differences of using manual hotel reservation system into a computerized generation today, prioritize is to prove and give them the right information. Hotel Reservation system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the existing Hotel Reservation. The computerized Hotel Reservation System aims to simplify the existing
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