Introduction to Organizational Development

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Evaluating OD Competency Introduction Over the last several years, the issue of organizational development (OD) has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because the business model of firms will play a major role in determining its success. As, globalization and shifts in the economy have created a change in the mindset of executives. To fully understand how this is achieved requires focusing on: organizational capabilities, OD competency, development in these areas and specific subjects that need further development. Together, these different elements will highlight the effectiveness of organizational development competency models. (Cummings, 2005) Organizational Capabilities Assessment The organizational capabilities are when there is a focus on those areas that can help to improve the efficiency of the firm. The way that this is achieved is through looking at the structure with an emphasis on several different segments. The most notable include: leadership / governance, people, organization / culture, infrastructure and employee / partner loyalty costs. The combination of these factors is providing executives with an accurate assessment of the firm. (Cummings, 2005) Leadership and Governance In order for any kind of leadership and governance policies to be effective, means that certain attributes must be embraced. These include: motivating change, creating vision, developing political support, managing the transition and sustaining momentum.

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