Introduction to Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology Introduction Psychology is a social science, which entails the study of man's thinking and activities. Psychology applies in various fields that involving human kind, such as organizations. Processes such as employment, recruiting and socialization in an organization apply the psychology principle under workplace. Biological, social and psychological are the major principles used in organizations during the decision-making and recruitment process. Recruitment process Recruitment process is a social process, which involves the organization and the job applicant. The organizations determine the competence of the job applicant using various assessing methods. This enables the organization to recruit the most highly qualified personnel to fill in positions in the organization. Various employers apply various recruitment methods to ensure that there is improved level of performance. For employers, the ideal recruiting process is one that provides for many candidates who fit the position, applicants though, might lose interest if there is a long lapse time between the time of recruitment and employment. More other important factors are appearance of the job and maybe the salary, and this might influence the employer to accept or refuse a job. In addition, the way treat the employers during recruitment plays a major role in applicants determining whether or not to take the job. Organization should portray a positive picture during recruitment, since
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