Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social Care or Children' S and Young Peoples Settings

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Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s settings. 1.1.Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role. My current job role is as a care assistant. When I started this job management gave me a clear guidance and what is expected from me. They described the duties and responsibilities of the role to me. A responsibility is something a person is expected to do. I am responsible for providing support to the service users, which includes : personal care, assisting with eating and medication, assisting in toileting. My duties are something I need to do for a person is expected or required to do. I attend regular refresher courses and training, and teach me how to do my work and…show more content…
2.3.Demonstrate the ability to reflect on work activities. I looked back at my day to see if I could have changed the outcome of something. I was not particularly happy with it. I think about activities, describe what I did? Would did not go so well? What could I change and way? What I need to improve? 3.1.Identify sources of support for own learning and development. There are a lot of sources of support that I can access and many different ways that I can help myself when developing my practice. A good starting point is the yearly appraisal or 2-monthly supervision. This will help me to identify areas of my practice that need to be developed and to plan to use opportunities for training and development. -Manager- they help me be answering for any question and concerns I have about work. -Assessor observations- Whey they come in to match how I do my job, and talks about any concerns they have seen. They will advise and support me with my performance and development. -Colleagues- I can talk to them about work top get guidance on things, and also observe them to help me see how some things are done improving and development. - Staff Meetings- We have regularly staff meetings, where progress is discussed and i get to know about any new plans and any changes that are going on. -Self assessment- Reflecting on my work helps to plan different ways of doing things and helps me see my progression. 3.2.
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