Introduction to Popular American Culture

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Popular American Culture
University of Phoenix
Soc/105 Introduction to Popular American Culture
Ernest Hernandez Ph.D.
August 3, 2010

Popular American Culture
American pop culture is an every day part of life. Society dictates how people need to be to be accepted by others. American pop culture dictates who we are, it is our attitudes habits and actions; it is generations of handed down customs and practices (Wilson, 2001).
Popular Culture Inventory
The mass circulation of items from areas such as dining, fashion, sports, film, music, health, beauty, and entertainment has a major impact on many American families. Pop culture artifacts from these categories used daily influence our actions. In a recent collection of
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These products along with many other popular children’s products influence and shape the young minds of our children. Utilizing the positive aspects of popular culture can help teach today’s youth morals and values, but it is important for parents to realize that there are negative influences in popular culture, and it is there responsibly to teach their children to take advertising at face value, and as a form of entertainment.
Purchasing Power
American pop culture has very little effect on my decision-making process. I realize what advertiser’s try to portray about the products they advertise. I am not the type of person who purchases a product because of its popularity. My mind intercepts the desires of want and thoughts of logic take over in the sense that I look at cost and what the product does and not what the advertisers dictate. Retailers are aware that many people purchase products because of brand name when the generic brands are made by the same manufacturer. I could not fathom paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of name brand jeans or a name brand handbag when I can obtain about the same item for twenty or thirty dollars for a generic brand or a brand name that is not as well known. American popular culture is the culprit of these issues and if people would stop and use some logical thinking before purchasing high priced, name brand items then large businesses would not be able to sell
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