Introduction to Principles of Management

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INTRODUCTION TO PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT DEFINITIONS Management is: • A process of achieving organizational goals by engaging in the function of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. • A set of activities directed at the efficient and effective utilization of resources in pursuit of one or more objectives, Kibera (1996). • The art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups. • The art of creating an environment in which employees perform as individuals and cooperate towards the achievement of group, team and or organizational goals. • The art of getting things done through other people, (Mary Parker Follet) • A process of achieving results through the efficient utilization of human and material…show more content…
Contacts with others outside work unit, for assistance, information, etc. b) Informational Roles 1. Monitor- Seeks internal and external information about issues that can affect an organization. Ensuring acquisition of information necessary for work. 2. Disseminator- Transmits information obtained from internal or external sources to the rest of the workforce. Distributing information throughout organisation and outside. 3. Spokesperson - Talks on behalf of the organization to outsiders. Formal provision of information on behalf of organisation. c) Decision roles 1. Entrepreneur- Initiator, innovator or originator of ideas. Initiating, developing and facilitating change and innovation. 2. Disturbance handler- Suggests corrective action in the face of a crisis. Troubleshooting problems as and when they arise 3. Resource Allocator- Distributes resources equitably to meet organization objectives i.e. time, funds, equipment and other resources. Distributing and arranging the use of resources (staff, finance, materials and time). 4. Negotiator- Represents the organization in major decision making process affecting the managers’ area of work. Representing organisation in negotiations within area of responsibility MANAGERIAL SKILLS A skill is the ability to engage in a set of behavior that are functionally related to one another and that leads to desired performance level in a given area. Managers must
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