Introduction to Rereading America

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Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle in their book “Rereading America” feel that commencing college is a very disturbing experience. So many things we have to deal while starting college, but the major challenges are expanded difficulty levels and higher expectation which we are not familiar over the years of high school. In order to solve this issue, we have to remodel ourselves by taking up the challenge and rethink about our strength and flaws. To succeed in college we need to be mentally strong and dedicated towards our goal. Everyone has a different perception of critical thinking. The editors explain the real meaning of thinking critically and point out that thinking from the different viewpoints and various aspects with creating the ability to form perception is critical thinking. Talking about the power of cultural myths, the editors tell that cultural myths hold people together and influence in the way we relate to others. Greek mythology is maintained by the editors to compare it with American culture. Both Greek and American culture can benefit the society but they can also restrain the society in modern life. Although both give understanding in society about how they should react, their definition of success is different. According to the editors' definition of success, America is distinguished on the origin of salaries, achievement of academic goals or the pathways of their ambition. In short, we each interpret success in our own way.
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