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Jasmin O. Lacson, R.N., C.R.N.


1. There are defining characteristics that determine nursing practice. Base on your clinical experience, explain the meaning of the following:

2.1 Nursing as a practice- oriented discipline
Nursing as practice oriented discipline is the ability of the nurse to articulate the significance of what they do as an essential thread of contemporary health care provision. The main essence of practice oriented discipline is the application of the theories on your activities of daily living.
Nursing exist to provide nursing care for clients who experience illness, as well as for those who may experience potential health care problems. Nurses deal with peoples
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Love and Belonging Needs- The need to belong to a group and to feel accepted. Maslow emphasized that these are both giving and receiving love.

Esteem Needs- Once the person has satisfied his or her basic needs, concerns about worthiness emerge. The focus becomes not just surviving, but doing well according to meaningful communal standard.

Self-Actualization Needs- As their needs emerge, the person focuses on doing what he or she is meant to do in life developing his or her talents and abilities to their fullest extent.

3. What is your stand/answer on the questions raised on whether nursing is a profession or an occupation? Justify your answer. A profession is any job where you need specialized knowledge and training. Nursing is my profession and my life’s work. Nurses work autonomously within our scope of practice. We formulate and carry out our own plan of care for clients (when applicable), we apply judgment, use critical thinking skills and make nursing diagnosis. Nursing for me is a profession, a passion to serve humanity with tender loving care.

4.8 Describe the different characteristic of a profession
6 Characteristics of a Profession 1. Renders a specialized service based upon advanced specialized knowledge and skill, and dealing with its problems primarily on an intellectual plane rather
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