Introduction to Security Challenges in the Northern Region of Nigeria Ethnic

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Since the return to civil democratic rule in 1999, Nigeria has witnessed the relative deterioration of its internal security. This is worrisome because internal security crisis is inherent with tendencies that threaten national unity and the peace of the state. This research attempts a critical analysis of the causative of the relative insecurity in Nigeria in relation to the problem of policing in Jos which is located in the northern region of Nigeria.
The work is aimed at taking an indebt look into the Nigeria police force, which of course is the major law enforcement agency in any country especially in a democratic setting. The evolution, roles and effectiveness of the Nigerian police force have been variously analysed by different
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The place which has been referred to as a home of peace and tourism, but more recently seems to have lost this reputation as a result of the eruption of conflicts between different communities that had hitherto lived in peace and harmony with one another. Some example such as the 1984 Mangu-fier border conflicts, the April 1994 conflicts in Jos and Bukuru between indigenous communities and settlers, the 1992 and 195 Mangu-Bukkos conflict, 1997 conflicts between Biom and Hausa communities as well as that between Mangu-Chagu in the same year, the Jos crisis of 2001 and the 27 April 2004 clashes between rival ethnic militias in central plateau state would be in deptly considered in relation to the role played by the Nigerian police and to what extent it had helped or otherwise affected maintaining peace and security in plateau state.
The work would in general revolve around the security challenges in northern Nigeria with emphasis on the Jos ethnic and religious crisis as well as instances which would be drawn from the various ethnic and religious crisis which have taken place within plateau state so as to the determine to what extent the Nigerian police have been able to salvage the situation or otherwise. We would further make a conscious attempt to establish those factors that serves as a deterrent to the effective management of security in Jos. Not of cause leaving out whether or not the police
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