Introduction to Simplified Acquisition

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Simplified acquisition Introduction Simplified acquisition describes the methods used for making purchases of supplies, purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements or Government-wide commercial purchase cards. It covers the use of simplified acquisition procedures, including micro-purchase procedures. It is also called small purchases or government quotes; it is typically reserved for smaller-dollar buys, although they can be used for purchases of commercial items priced as high as $5 million. The good news for small businesses is that simplified acquisitions of supplies and services between $2,500 and $100,000 are usually reserved exclusively for these businesses "" as long as the federal contract officer can obtain competitive offers from at least two small companies. Simplified acquisition differs from other purchasing methods in that they don't adhere to a set buying process. Cash, purchase orders, government-wide purchase cards or blanket purchase agreements can be used by any government official to make or pay for any simplified acquisition. Quotations must be provided by the companies to their contracting officials in order to win these acquisitions which, unlike a bid, are not binding on the firm submitting it until the firm accepts the government's order. For simplified acquisitions between $2,500 and $25,000, contracting officials obtain either oral or written quotations from businesses. These purchases usually require agency buyers to obtain quotations
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