Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Coaching

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Introduction to Sport, fitness and management In this assignment I will be introducing myself and my motivation for enrolling on module E122. Primarily I will be looking at the differences between sport, recreation and physical activity. I will look at how we can define these categories which I will do by looking at examples of each activity and then explaining which category they fall into, as well as demonstrating how these activities can overlap between categories. Furthermore, I will look specifically into one activity analysing the scientific, economic and management changes that have occurred in recent years and the effects these have had. (on what?) My name is George, I am 24 years old and from being a school leaver until…show more content…
The event receives huge amounts of media coverage mostly from American TV network ESPN and therefor looking at skateboarding in this context with its general acceptance by the media, TV broadcasters and newspapers as a sporting activity, Green. M (2008, p13), you would have to conclude that skateboarding is also considered a sport as well as a very popular recreational activity. Football, how has it changed; economically, scientifically and its management Football is not only a huge sport but a humongous industry that is constantly evolving and changing. I would like to look at some of the major changes that have occurred in recent years. Football has changed dramatically from its early inception seen back as far as the 1800’s and possible the biggest changes that we have seen is the economics of the game. If we look at one aspects of the football economy, player’s wages, we may possibly see one of the biggest fluctuations. The first generation of hero’s that received any form of remuneration for playing saw salaries of around seven pounds a week. This was however before the First World War so we have to take into consideration the very different financial climate of the time; it is still a universe away from the sums of money players receive in weekly amounts in the present day, with some

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