Introduction to Workplace Reports

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Lesson 2: Introduction to Workplace Reports (2)
Learning Objectives:
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

define the readership and identify the purpose of workplace reports;

use a reader-oriented approach in report writing;

adopt appropriate style and tone for different kinds of workplace reports; and

write more concise sentences in reports.

Task 1


Task 1a Headings
In the previous lesson, you learned that noun phrases and parallel structures are usually used for the headings of a report.

Now, skim

Reports A and B on the next two pages and fill in the missing headings/sub-headings.

Then, in Report C, re-write the headings
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Ltd. Purpose
The purpose of this report is to study how the purchase of equipment and training will best meet
Company’s communication needs and budget. Our analysis is shown below for the management’s consideration.
Existing problems
After interviews with staff regarding our daily operations, which mostly involve liaising with buyers, handling customers’ enquiries and following up on orders, the following problems have been identified:
Twelve new employees have been hired since December, increasing our headcount to twenty-four. However, only twelve functional laptops and five printers are available now and this slows down the work procedures of the company. Moreover, staff training is inadequate, especially when we have installed a new software programme for our inventory management system. The management agreed in the last meeting to allocate $80,000 for additional equipment and training.
Possible solutions
Purchasing new laptops and printers
Twelve additional laptops are needed for each employee to have an individual laptop for work and at least seven more printers have to be purchased if every two employees are sharing one printer. The

Lesson 2
LAN4107 E&C: Reports (AS)
Student Package

most affordable laptop and printer on the market would cost $7,500 and $3,000 per unit respectively. Thus, the total cost would be $111,000. Even with discounts,

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