Introduction to the Concept of Holistic Marketing

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HOLISTIC MARKETING Introduction to the Concept of Holistic Marketing Introduction : Definition, What is Marketed, Marketing Concepts, Trends in Marketing Practices Holistic Marketing : Integrated Marketing, Internal Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Social Responsibility Marketing Holistic Marketing Mix Future of Marketing Conclusion Introduction Definition The shortest definition of Marketing Management is "Meeting Needs Profitably". Whose Needs ? - The needs of the people, or the customers or consumers, Who is trying to meet ? - The Producer, Marketer or the Company, What is the Objective ? - With profit to the company, & satisfaction to the customers. What Is Marketed Marketing people are involved in…show more content…
In response to this rapidly changing environments companies have restructured their business & marketing practices in some of the following ways : Reengineering : Appointing teams to manage customer-value-building processes & break down walls between departments. Outsourcing : Greater willingness to buy more goods & services from outside domestic or foreign vendors. Benchmarking : Studying "best practice companies" to improve performance. Supplier Partnering : Increased partnering with fewer but better value-adding suppliers. Customer Partnering : Working more closely with customers to add value to their operation. Merging : Acquiring or merging with firms in the same or complementary industries to gain economy of scale & scope. Globalising : Increased effort to "Think Global & Act Local". Flattening : Reducing the number of organisational levels to get closer to the customers. Focusing : Determining the most profitable business & customers & focusing on them. Accelerating :Designing the organisation & setting up processes to respond more quickly to changes in the environment. Empowering : Encouraging & empowering personnel to produce more ideas & take more initiative. Accordingly the role of marketing organisation is also changing. Traditionally, the marketers have played the role of

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