Introduction to the Ethiopian Cement Market

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Cement is by far the most important construction material manufactured in Ethiopia accounting for about 90% of the gross value of production of non-metallic building materials. The cement industry is a pioneer modern manufacturing industry in Ethiopia, whose origins dates back to the nineteen thirties. The first cement plant to be established in Ethiopia was Dire Dawa Cement and Lime Factory. It was built by the Italian occupying forces in 1938 to expand infrastructure development for their colonial needs. It had a capacity of 120 tonnes of clinker per day. Another cement plant located in Massawa (now part of Eritrea) was built before World War II and had a capacity of 45 tonnes of clinker per day. It was dismantled in the early…show more content…
The other plant under MCF management is Senkele Lime Factory, which is located at 130 km from Addis Ababa and produces about 4,500 tonnes of lime per annum. The third plant is Dire Dawa Cement and Lime Factory (DDCF), which is over 60 years old. Since January 2000, the government has given MCF management a provisional responsibility of administering the DDCF. Major rehabilitation work, led by MCF technical personnel, has been completed to reinstate production to about 30,000 tcpa. THE CURRENT SUPPLY OF CEMENT Domestic Production and Capacities At present, the Ethiopian cement industry has been dominated by the three state-owned factories namely Dire Dawa Cement and Lime Factory, Addis Ababa Cement Factory and Mugher Cement Factory. While Addis Ababa and Mugher cement factories produces only cement, Dire Dawa Cement and Lime Factory, however, produces quick lime and hydrated lime in addition to cement. The table below summarise production and current capacities:- Table 4.4.1 Volume of Cement Production (in tonnes) Manufacturer 1995/96 1996/97 1997/98 1998/99 1999/00 Capacity (tpa) Dire Dawa Cement and Lime Factory 12,274 10,798 13,262 8,921 4,976 33,403 Addis Ababa Cement Factory* 52,060 83,882 92,465 119,821 120,602 900,000 Mugher Cement Factory 553,314 678,653 670,749 638,266 690,962 Messebo - - - - 50,000 663,158 Total 617,648 773,333 776,476 767,008 866,540 1,596,201 Note: * As of recent
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