Introduction to the Interpretation of Myth and Fairy Tales Essay

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In This study I’m gonna explore the motifs and interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty from a Jungian framework.
Is my concern to understand the deep forces of the unconcious and marry them with concious awareness to decode psiquic events which are the key factors behain the events in the web of life. For this case study I will use similar aproaches of interpretation to the ones we attempted in previous lectures,with this my aim is to develop a systematic structure of interpretation and develop my analytical skills that will be usefull for future analysis of Myths and Fairy tales. As Jung predicted the myth, fairy tales , and dreams, all share the same source of origin: the unconcious. These are vesels for the psiquic
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There are times in our life when certain story or myth become poignant and appealing because the reality carries similarities with the elements of the story which evoques in us an emotional response. Religions are based in this fundamental deep truths about our psiquic development, and the deliverance of their religious philophies are throught the use of symbols and myths. In modern times our race have been sanatize from faith and spirituality, we are witnessing modern societies ruled by rationalism, which has distroyed our capacity to respond to numinous symbols and ideas. We take pride in our rationale that has free human kind from superstitions, but in the process we also lost our spiritual values, to a positive dangerous degree. Today for instance we talk about matter. We discribe its physical properties, we test and experiment to demonstrate some of its aspects. But the word matter remains purely intellectual concept without any psychic significance for us. However our original image of matter was the trascendental profound emotional meaning

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