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Introductory comments – present frames to be leveraged As a kid growing up, I used to think that going to work, for an organization, was going to be simple; go to work, do your job and leave when your shift is over. But as I got myself in to the workforce, it was nothing I have dreamt of. Going to work is more than simply going into work, it involves being able to understanding the environment from the many perspectives. Each individual may have different frames that they view their work environment but there are four main Frames as defined by Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal. The four frames are Structural, Political, Human Resource and Symbol. Each of these frames have a significant impact in the organizational environment and takes the view from different angels. The Case of Chris Cunningham involves all the different frames. As I read the case, I did my analysis and placed myself in the Structural and Political frames. The case had prime examples of political power from many levels of the organization. The political view of organization might seem strange in light of traditional assumptions of control from the top. These same dynamics of conflict, coalitions, and power are found at every level of human affairs. MANN (1986, 2013) Background Review Brief overview of case background Background – Organization introduction Stover Industries, a young company in the electoral parts industry, has been around for 31 years and is managed and owned by president Elizabeth

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