Introductory Psychology Self-Analysis

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What did you think you would be studying when you heard you were going to take an introductory psychology course? How has this changed?
I was unsure of what introduction to psychology would entail. I thought it would be more about diagnosing and recognizing mental disorders to prepare me for counseling, however, I realize I must know the background of psychology to move forward. It has changed for me because I understand this is a science as well as an art. There is much to know in my textbook to thoroughly grasp everything in it to apply, understand, and put into practice.

Personally, what was your mindset and goals upon entering this course – have they changed at all and, if so, how?
My mindset in the beginning was to be open minded about new things. I am staying positive, not getting overwhelmed by the reading or scientific words, and trying to comprehend it all. They only goals are to push through each day to the best of my ability and to pass this class. I also want to learn something where I could possibly help someone one day.
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The “Big Five” Personality Factors and DSM-IVTR Diagnosis Supplement are my favorite two topics. I choose the “Big Five” because it describes traits accurately. It was also set up as an example on page 440 in the textbook with an acronym “CANOE” which makes it extremely easy to remember, recall, and identify. Each trait identifies the personality better than some of the other factors used throughout the textbook.
The DSN-IVTR Diagnosis Supplement is knowledge that needs to be memorized. I love it so much I printed a copy that I can go over until I master it all. This will help in the future when helping or diagnosing clients. I never realized how involved psychology is, yet I am beginning to get a brief
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