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Name: Melissa

Course: UNV 108



Understanding a GCU Assignment Worksheet

Assignment Background:

It is important to read through all components of an assignment in the GCU classroom so that you are aware of its requirements and the expectations of your instructor. Look for the following cues:

• What is the objective of the assignment? • What are the elements of the assignment? • How will the assignment be graded? • What are other considerations for completing the assignment well?

The purpose of this worksheet is to guide you in “decoding” any GCU assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Review the sample syllabus and sample rubric under the questions below. Then, provide
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I would read the required text earlier in the week, taking notes of key points, I would also review the lecture at that time as well. I then at a later date, at least 2 days before its due, write the essay. I would review it the following day with fresh eyes to see if any changes needed to be made before submitting it. 4. Will it be necessary to use the GCU library to complete the assignment found in the sample syllabus? I do not believe the library is needed. You were not asked to provide additional materials or journal articles to back up your beliefs. Again, this is a subjective essay. 5. What resources are provided to complete the assignment found in the sample syllabus? The course textbook, as well as the class lecture, is provided to use for the completion of this assignment. 6. How will the instructor determine the student’s grade for the assignment? The instructor will be looking for 4 main components in the essay. They are; identify & describe critical components in the formation of a worldview, describing how faith contributes to one’s worldview, explain how the components fit together, and write in a grammatically correct manner using the identified writing style with no spelling or punctuation errors. Using those 4 components as a guide, the instructor will then determine how well they addressed the 4 areas, and then determine the grade based off of that. 7. What is not clear
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